As a result of our agreement with EAGLEBURGMANN, dealers and other production facilities, SEALING ENGINEERING SERVICES LIMITED has become one of the few Nigerian companies with local expertise and capacity to technically deal with complex sealing problems found in our industries and provide high quality sealing products required for their solutions and meet our clients’ spare parts demand.

SEALING ENGINEERING SERVICES LIMITED is  also  in partnership with an organization that specializes in the procurement and supply of technical products since 1863. Dealers and production facilities around the world word with us as partners for the acquisition of aggregates, components , spare-parts and those parts subject to wear- and – tear, as well as other operating equipment.

SEALING ENGINEERING SERVICES LIMITED is therefore in a unique position to provide Nigerian industries with the required expertise and support services in this field.

Survey conducted by SEALING ENGINEERING SERVICES LIMITED recently, has confirmed that EagleBurgmann products have extensive range of applications.

We have partially identified initial areas of possible co-operation with industries and have already completed arrangements to provide vital services in the broad areas numerated in the maintenance planning below.

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